Land Rover Indemnity

WHEREAS I wish to drive a  motor vehicle(s) or my own vehicle on a demonstration off-road track;

AND WHEREAS Excellect 37 cc (Western-Cape) made such a motor vehicle(s) available to me and whereas I wish to participate in the demonstration programme and promotion and/or training of vehicles on a demonstration off-road track to be a passenger in same, provided that I sign this indemnity;

AND WHEREAS the said motor vehicle(s) will be used on public roads as well as private property, especially on demonstration off-road tracks that contain inherent risks, I hereby agree to sign this indemnity;


  1. I warrant that I have a valid drivers licence and further that the vehicle will only be driven by persons with a valid drivers licence.
  2. I confirm and acknowledge receipt of the herein named vehicle from Excellect 37 cc and confirm that I receive same in good order and condition.
  3. I warrant that I shall return the said vehicle in same order and condition in which I receive it and understand and agree that Excellect 37 cc may hold me responsible for all damages to or loss of the said motor vehicle(s) sustained as a result of my wilful intent or gross negligence whilst the motor vehicle(s) is in my possession and control.
  4. I hereby waive any claim of whatever nature that I may have against Excellect 37 cc and/or any employee arising from the driving of the said vehicle or being a passenger therein.
  5. I hereby indemnify Excellect 37 cc and/or employees(s) against any claim, damages or loss whatsoever which Excellect 37 cc or any employee thereof may suffer as a result of it making the motor vehicle(s) available to me.
  6. I hereby indemnify Excellect 37 cc against any claims for damages instituted by third parties as a result of my participation in the demonstration programme and promotion on a demonstration off-road track.
  7. In the event that I utilise my own vehicle on a demonstration programme and promotion on a demonstration off-road track, I hereby warrant that my vehicle is comprehensively insured and indemnify Excellect 37 cc and /or employees against any claims or damages.
  8. I hereby warrant that, in utilising and training in the vehicle as supplied by the training facility, I am liable for an insurance excess payable to the Excellect 37 cc insurance brokers in the amount of R15000 should I damage the said vehicle due to negligence/failure to follow guidance from instructors.

I, the undersigned, do hereby acknowledge receipt of the following Vehicle:



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